Our Parents Cast Long Shadows

Our Parents Cast Long Shadows
Gum arabic prints and acrylic painting on board of my parents when they met at Lancaster art college in the 1950's.
A Triptych of gum-arabic prints on board with mixed media.
41 x 130 cms.

“Our parents cast long shadows over our lives. When we grow up we imagine that we can walk into the sun, free of them. We don’t realise until it is too late that we have no choice in the matter, they’re always ahead of us.

We carry them within us all our lives, in the shape of our face, the way we walk, the sound of our voice, our skin, our hair, our heart. We try all our lives to separate ourselves from them and only when they are dead do we find we are indivisible.

We grow to expect that our parents, like the weather, will always be with us. Then they go, leaving a mark like a hand print on glass or a wet kiss on a rainy day, and with their death we are no longer children”.

By Richard Eyre, Director of the Royal National Theatre, ‘In Utopia and Other Places’ by Bloomsbury.